It is time… 

Dear PPRD: A Just Warto begin our collective journey to true and lasting peace in Philippinesmust now be waged. It is now time to form and declare the enforcement of a Revolutionary Government. 

#WeAreThe91Percent and we, the People, grant you REVOLUTIONARY POWERS, as Filipinos have done for Cory Aquino in 1986. 

We also demand that you, as our President and the Beloved Father of this Nation, be protected from both ouster plots and assassination. 

We NEED to secure your life and your phenomenal leadership to GUARANTEE a complete overhaul of our inherently corrupt political structure. 

This is WHY the People put you in power. There is no room for error, Mr. President. We are the NINETY-ONE PERCENT and we are 110% behind you. 

Sociopaths create rotten cultures, as have the #MAKAPILI Cojuangco-Aquinos and all their local and foreign financial backers. The Yellow Oligarchs have connivingly restored and perpetuated their lust for power by installing a political system in Philippines that enabled closed, arrogant, unaccountable “DISENTE” cultures to turn good Filipinos into sociopaths. In corrupt systems, the GENUINELY decent (anti-Yellow Regime) people have two options:

  1. CONFORM; or

This is what bad systems do: they remunerate the compliant with the oppressive tribal elite’s acceptance (“Done, for you Ninoy/Cory/P-Noy/Leni”) and dismiss COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE as negativity, calling the indignant masses “ignorant and violent.” 

They invert altruism, using the instincts of “decency” – working co-operatively, being “in this together”, upholding a communal ethic – to normalize sociopathic behaviour and make decency DESPICABLE.

Even good intentions and an increasing number of honest and patriotic citizens are ultimately useless in a Philippines controlled by the narco-funded and U.S. & Malaysia-backed Yellow Regime.

It is time to FORCIBLY REMOVE all TREASONOUS elements, and overhaul the Constitution, Mr. President.  

We are the MAJORITY. We support a REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT under your Administration. 🇵🇭👊

Signed and Shared, 

Drei Toledo 



#LeniLeaks and the Modern-Day “Makapili”

The worst enemy of the Filipino people are its own traitors: The MAKAPILI. Every generation has it. At least, back in the day of our grandparents, the Guerrillas had the balls to kill traitors. Today, we tolerate snakes and collaborators strategically publishing and splattering their glammed up faces on the cover of magazines.

Remember what MAKAPILI was supposed to stand for: Malayang Katipunan ng mga Pilipino. These traitors considered themselves the “League of Patriotic Filipinos”. The modern-day MAKAPILI conspirators are the scheming traitors with political ambition along with lackeys of the former P-Noy government…

“One thing I learned from the history of installing our first female Philippine President, Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, is that having boobs – O Beautiful Lactating Fountains of Life! – does not necessarily make a kinder and more competent leader… I must profess, I am a Feminist. My bias is to prioritize voting for brilliant, kind, strong, and competent women leaders. For positions wherein I cannot find a qualified female leader to elect, only then do I choose from Feminist male options. This is not to say all Feminists do the same, I only speak for myself and my process of choosing leaders in government…” 💁🇵🇭

⬆️💁🇵🇭⬆️ – May Puso, May Suso: A Feminist’s POV on the 3 Female Politicians running for the 2 Highest Gov’t Positions in the RP was one of my longer posts on Facebook last year before the May 2016 elections.

Back then, many people from my own circle were supporting Leni Robredo. Today, very few remain blinded by #LeKnee’s too pat and highly contrived persona.

Among these formerly trusted individuals from my own circle—a high-ranking official with whom I used to have the great honor to serve in an executive department of the PH government—even boldly declared prior to the 2016 elections:

“I don’t care if Liberal Party cheats so Leni Robredo wins, as long as BBM *does not* become the next Vice President.”

One of my own relatives (who is in the payroll of the Liberal Party) guaranteed that with the funds at their disposal, they will do everything, by hook or by crook, to ensure that Leni Robredo wins as VP.

These are my elders. Intelligent people I used to look up to. Colleagues I used to respect. Mentors whom I used to think were awesome.

I think the sad part of growing up is realizing that many people whom we thought were good, really aren’t. Or at least they changed (for the worse) somewhere along the way… Somehow, in the obsession of a handful of intellectuals to be RIGHT all the time, they twist reality when it no longer serves their own selfish interests and political agenda. They portray their evil deeds as the ultimate “battle of good versus evil.” And, of course, while they are at it, they claim to be the most “DISENTE” human beings God created EVERRRR.



They have become such masters of the Smoke and Mirrors tactic that thousands of young people fall prey to their fear-mongering and hatred-fueled plans to reinstall the Yellow Regime.
Oh, how twisted the world has become! And yet…
I continue to believe in the power of sincere prayers. 

Three main reasons why mainstream media is mum about #LeniLeaks:

Self-censorship, “Envelopmental” Journalism, and Ignorance.

My first exposure working as a journalist, I was only 17. I started writing editorial columns for campus papers and competing in regional and national press cons much earlier when I was still in high school. I was handpicked by the late Isagani Yambot of Philippine Daily Inquirer when I was barely 19. I treasure how he treated me like his favorite grandchild. He was heartily laughing one time when he said to me that I was his “favorite feisty ‘lil rebel journo” in the more than ten years he was publisher. He said he liked my funny irreverence, brutal honesty, and profound tenacity to seek and defend the truth. He tolerated, if not encouraged, my audacity to call out my superiors in PDI for being corrupt. As publisher, he needed to observe tact and diplomacy because he had to promote and protect the paper’s business interests. In a way, the rebel in me felt a kindred spirit in him that was depressingly subdued because of the position of authority he was in. It was a classic Catch-22 for an otherwise good and principled man. Thus, for the short period of time I could tolerate working within a corrupt environment (fighting and naively hoping PDI could change from within), Mr. Yambot somehow lived vicariously through my raging idealism.

Shortly before he passed away, I randomly bumped into him in a mall in Makati. He was drunk, alone, and depressed. It was a painfully tragic thing to behold. I tried to help him walk straight, but he continued aimlessly walking, knocking down chairs and tables along the way. His eyes were barely open. I had never seen his eyes so devastatingly sad, like his soul crying out to be set free from whatever was torturing him in this plane of existence.

By the time I was 22, I was already jaded in the practice of professional journalism in the Philippines. Regardless of my cynicism, I continued to write. I continue to write because I don’t want to ever lose hope… I continue to write, pray, and serve the greater good, hoping fervently that someday, one soul at a time, more and more Filipinos will (borrowing from our black activist brothers and sisters) “BE WOKE.”

Although I never did figure out what it was that served as the straw that broke the camel’s back for Mr. Yambot, my gut says it had something to do with self-censorship. 

A part of me feels that if our citizens actively seek and defend TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY, and ACCOUNTABILITY; protect the true meaning of DEMOCRACY; and dynamically work in partnership with our duly-elected government leaders, somehow, good journalists and media practitioners like Mr. Yambot will have lesser fears in relation to exposing corrupt individuals and entities that operate organized crimes with impunity.

Then again, I could just be too naïve…

May God protect President Duterte and all the LEGITIMATE LEADERS of our government. And THANK GOD for listening to our prayers. 🙏❤️🇵🇭

Now, amplified by the power of ze Great Internet, more and more Filipinos have decided to help #EndImpunity by breaking the silence, actively crowd-sourcing information, passionately serving as volunteers, and no longer allowing themselves to be manipulated and dictated on by mainstream media and the Powers That Be pulling all their strings.

Today, more and more Filipinos refuse to KNEEL to the Oligopoly that have long enslaved the masses. 👊🇵🇭

To me, these are all answered prayers.


The worst enemy of the Filipino people is no longer the foreign powers who continue to pillage our resources while tapping the influence of the (mostly ignorant but well-meaning) international community to support the ouster of Philippine leaders who refuse to submit to the dictates of the United States.

The worst enemy of the Filipino people are its own traitors: The MAKAPILI. Every generation has it. At least, back in the day of our grandparents, the Guerrillas had the balls to kill traitors. Today, we tolerate snakes and collaborators strategically publishing and splattering their glammed up faces on the cover of magazines.

Remember what MAKAPILI was supposed to stand for: Malayang Katipunan ng mga Pilipino. These traitors called themselves the Liberal Party “League of Patriotic Filipinos”. The modern-day MAKAPILI conspirators are the scheming traitors with political ambition along with lackeys of the former P-Noy government.

President Duterte is a murderous dictator, they say, as these traitors continue to freely act to topple our legitimately elected President. Meanwhile, we spineless and castrated modern guerrillas await the probable “SMART PARENTING” magazine cover feature  (or some other similar mag) of the charming Modern Makapili when she’s finally undeniably pregnant, and about to give birth. 🙈🙉🙊 Or will she push through with the planned abortion? During her December 2016 visit in the U.S., she also visited Hayward,  California. You know what’s in  Hayward?


God-willing, she will not be pressured to get rid of her baby…

To be honest, if the current PR handling of #LeniLeaks is my basis for the brilliance of the team behind Leni Robredo, I am (kind of) looking forward to the PR spin the Liberal Party is still desperately brewing to get her smooth knees out of this shitstorm of their (and her) own making.

After all, I am quite the big fan of poetic justice…

…no matter how long it takes. 👊🇵🇭🙏🇵🇭👊

Vox Populi, Vox Dei. ❤️

💻🔍 Proving the authenticity of #LeniLeaks, watch MAMSHIES:
💀👻👀👻💀 Mamshies/ videos/ vb.343992925983869/346668705716291/?type=2&theater

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