I am a Filipino 

This piece by Jovybev Aquino made me tear up, and reflect about my own family’s collective journey… 

Because of racism, bigotry, prejudice, and structural violence, 

I am a product of the Jewish and Chinese diasporas. 

Just when my Jewish and Chinese grandparents thought they had found a new home in the world-embracing Philippines…my father and mother had to eventually leave Philippines to secure our family financially. 

I, Drei Toledo, am a product of the Filipino diaspora. 

At one point, four of us in my nuclear family had to live and work in four different countries. Now, if you put the four of us together in one place longer than one month, World War 3 would break out. But we do love each other deeply from a safe distance. 

I bear invisible scars caused by families being broken down and torn apart. But my parents are a living example of imperfect human beings who did their best to be good parents. 

I returned to my homeland to serve #MindaNOW and Philippines as a whole. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to get all the opportunities I have to see the world, and to work with and learn from the world’s best global leaders, young and old alike, if it weren’t for the sacrifices of my mother and father. 

I don’t want to have children if my children have to go through what I went through… But then I realize that is a selfish and lame excuse remembering how much worse my grandparents and great grandparents had it:

Surviving the Spanish Inquisition which forced the entire Jewish community, some 200,000 people, to be inhumanely expelled from Spain 


Surviving the Taiping Rebellion which probably killed even more people than World War I 


Surviving the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, and the 65-mile Bataan Death March during World War II, a period which wiped out 1,057,000 people within PH territory 

Top 10 Countries Suffering The Most Casualties In World War II

…and despite all that, my ancestors carried on with lifeto live, to love, to give birth, and to raise little thinkers, artists, doers, and rebels to serve the Greater Good, and to value the virtue of sacrificemaking it possible for our generation to have a relatively better life than they did only 100 to 150 years ago. 

Now that President Duterte wants to welcome home the Filipinos who wish nothing else but to return to their homeland, to live with dignity, and to be reunited with their families, do not expect anything less than a JUST WAR waged by more than 85% of the Filipino people if any subversive group dares to remove our beloved President from power. 

The Liberal Party seems to think they can use the ILLUSION of peace to subjugate the masses. The time of the Yellow Regime is over. To those who are still sleeping, wake up. If you think you are already wide awake but you still see YELLOW, well: Remove your blinders of ignorance, hate and elitism.

Unite with us. Let us work together to create and implement parallel, alternative, and complementary solutions for the many challenges our country needs to urgently and collectively overcome. 

Be part of the solution. 

Or get the hell out of our way.

We stand UNITED. 

We will NOT kneel. 

We will NOT be divided. 




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