Some days, you want big ideas. Other days, you just want to stare at boobs.

Well, if that’s the case for ya, then welcome to this blog!!! Eventually, my friends and I hope to turn this into an e-magazine for Filipino readers.

Under the section BEYOND, we will write about current events, politics, history, ethics, spirituality, finance, tech & innovations, entrepreneurship, culture, art, music, food, and many, many more.

Under the section BOOBS, we will write about breast health, breast exercises, breast feeding, and breast beauty & care products.




The booby creator of BOOBS & BEYOND! is an independent thinker known as Drei Toledo.


The basic purpose of BOOBS & BEYOND! is to kill ignorance.


  1. Boobs are awesome.
  2. It is my dream to review lingerie, write about breast health and breast issues, and make all women feel beautiful and confident about breasts of all shapes and sizes, and also the lack thereof, post-mastectomy.
  3. I had a dream of being somewhat like a female Hugh Hefner, less all his womanizing and other vices, of course! The basic idea is to create a sexy, funny, and informative HUMAN LIFESTYLE e-magazine for the entertainment and education of Filipino men and women.
  4. Boobs = Politics. Ever noticed how most people react to breastfeeding babies in public? That’s politics.
  5. I envision co-creating a future PH where brilliant, kind, just, truthful, and empowered women lead equally with men… like the two capable and balanced wings of one mighty bird.

A Love N💌te From SUPER BB (Super Boobs & Beyond!) 

Dear Reader:

Thank you for taking the time to read Boobs and Beyond!© 

I hope that each booby trap you find here will add new knowledge, fresh insight, or even a simple smile to your day. 👊🇵🇭😇😁🇵🇭👊 Strong objectivity dictates that I disclose to my readers who I am, what I am like, and what relevant experiences I might have so that others can take into consideration my researcher/writer bias. With that said, here we go:

If there’s one word I’d use to describe myself, I’d go with QUIRKY.👽

When I’m not traveling, sleeping, or working as a beautiful researcher and inspiring educator to serve the Greater Good (it’s a fact, students learn better from good-looking teachers lol), I enjoy writing about boobs, sharing stories, and meditating on spirituality, psychology, human dignity & environmental issues, children’s rights, history, and politics.

I’m a cheerful and idearealistic millennial Filipino with Malay, Chinese, Nordic, and Spanish Jew ancestry. My chosen religion is Baha’i Faith. I studied Investigative Journalism, Psychology, Education, and Finance… but like most voracious learners these days, I believe ze Great Internet helps to level the playing field, essentially eliminating the importance of which school or university you end up going to.

Access to knowledge is this century’s revolution. Back in the day, the cost of education was always a barrier to a better life, but now FACTS are FREE.

I believe that with unity and a strong positive attitude, commoners can now take the power back, and partake in the shaping and the sharing of our narrative as a people.

I used to work 24/7 on my Geeks for the Greater Good projects and I had a few scheduled and spontaneous combustions. I then learned that I simply cannot be this crazy girl who’s ON all the time like an Energizer Bunny that just keeps on going, and going, and going…and going…and going. I learned that I can’t afford to be that way (shrinks and sleeping meds are expensive lol). It’s not sustainable.

Nobody is Superman or Wonder Woman. Not even Superman or Wonder Woman, because they’re Clark Kent and Diana Prince half the time! It’s important to take a break, even from surfing Facebook and YouTube, get some sun, go have fun, snooze your alarm a couple of times, and recharge your physical and spiritual batteries so you’re prepared to kill it again when the right opportunity comes along.

I don’t care much about success or failure. I pursue my passions and big ideas. I’m a firm believer of failing forward through action. When I get sad, I now take time to get tons of sun, or get lots of sleep. I’m a girl with relatively big boobs, and even bigger dreams. I still wear double push-up bras though because similar to realizing one’s big dreams, I think boobs can always use some good support! LOLOLOL 😛😂

#SuperBB channeling the #seriousface #sparrowface or #somethingface. EVERYBODY LOOKS PRETTIER #WITHAFILTER. 😉

To my dearest friends, I always say:

Sweet dreams, LIVE dreams! 

With this blog, I hope to share more about my dreams and aspirations for the Filipino people, and even humanity in general.

Together, we can make great ideas happen!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. And I would love to hear back from you in the Comments Section of each post. Ta-ta!

Love and Light,

SuperBB (Super Boobs and Beyond!©)


Feel free to pick my brains, but it will be futile if you try to hit on me (online or offline), because my heart already belongs to my Super Ha-Baaaaby! ❤ Cheerio!


3 thoughts on “”

  1. Great, I like the idea and be brain stimulated. Simplicity and easy to understand is what I like. Smile, laugh and enjoy what you have as acceptance is a virtue only few knows.

    Thanks Drei, explode your ideas and I’m hear to read them and enjoy.

    P. S
    Unity is much better than being alone. Now that we’re aware how fucked we are, let’s all move forward for greater good. Think of solutions that are realistic, achievable and measurable. Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino! Together let’s help PRRD make Philippines not submissive but assertive, not a follower but a doer, and most of all let’s bring back nationalism/patriotism that we lost 3 decades ago🇸🇽🇸🇽🇸🇽🇸🇽🇸🇽


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