No Justice, No Peace! 

We the NINETY-ONE PERCENT behind President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, we are willing to fight tooth and nail, and to die by the bullet to protect the President, to protect democracy, and to protect the will of the people. We are one with the voice of the masses. And we do not fear a Bloody Revolution. 



This fierce youth activist confronted P-Noy in an international forum at Columbia University.

The video of this protest at Columbia University spontaneously reduced me to tears.


I cried as I watched her confront the heartless and greedy haciendero P-Noy.

If you have eleven minutes to spare, let me tell you why…

Since 2003 I have been a staunch human dignity advocate. My family went through difficult times. We experienced an odd kind of sudden poverty due to my papa getting swindled. We had a considerably nice roof over our head but we had no money to eat more than once a day. It was the kind of poverty that, if my dad had owned a gun, he would have killed himself. (His words, not mine.) My mom, being a strong dragon matriarch, became an OFW for more than a decade. After about six years of incredible sacrifice, she wiped out our family’s massive debt, and had enough to retire with dignity back here in Philippines just about three years ago.

Knowing poverty and hunger firsthand, and all the unspeakable fire of tests my family and myself had to go through—are quite oddly—what I am most thankful to God for. 


To help provide for my family, I started working when I was 17 years old. I did not consider for one moment that my personal struggle for daily survival should stop me from eventually completing my education at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. But some semesters, I did skip school completely and worked full time. I was at the top of my batch in Journalism school, and I was fortunate to have a scholarship under the Philippine Daily Inquirer. My hectic schedule as a working student did not stop me from pursuing my passion for Investigative Journalism (a dangerous profession), organizing a university-based organization I co-founded called UP Prime Movers, holding international discussion circles in UP, volunteer-teaching in alternative education schools in Quezon City, climbing mountains, meeting tribes, communing with farmers, and holding an informal group therapy circle we humorously referred to as our Na Rape Ka Na Ba? circle. I either strongly felt that the lack of money was a lame excuse for me to not pursue my Life’s Purpose—fighting for TRUTH and JUSTICE in the many different ways we all can—or I was simply an overcompensating workaholic who didn’t want to get bored while I was hungry. LOLOLOLOL 😅😂🤣From grade school, I consistently excelled in essay competitions, writing editorials for the campus papers, and competing in regional and national press conferences. Having written among the best essays in school competitions with themes like “Ninoy Aquino, The Greatest Hero of Philippine Democracy” and “Cory Aquino, A Tribute to the Best President”, suffice it to say, I was quite the eloquent Yellow Zombie.

As a matter of fact, before working as a journalist, covering the Hacienda Luisita farmers in Tarlac, I grew up being a staunch supporter of the Cojuangco-Aquino clan, because based on all the history books published by their family, and all the news channels controlled by their family, they were the heroes, and I really believed that Cory Aquino was the “Saint of Democracy” in Philippines. 

So when I was assigned to cover Hacienda Luisita a year before the #HaciendaLuisitaMassacre in 2004, I could not accept as TRUTH, all the shocking new information I was getting from the farmers. Initially, and of course, naturally, I could not accept anything negative said or cited about Cory and Ninoy, my childhood heroes in Philippine leadership.

The more corroborating factual data (paper trail) and on-the-ground information (interviews) I got, crushing the premise of my own political beliefs and convictions, I found myself sinking into a mild form of intellectual depression.

When Jesus Laza, one of the Hacienda Luisita farm workers I was acquainted with, died after he was shot on the back of his leg and on his right chest while he was running away from the shooting, my depression turned into RAGE.

The cold-blooded massacre served by an AJ Order requested for and officially signed by BS “Noynoy” Cojuangco-Aquino III himself, who was then a Congressman, compelled me to finally deal with killing my *own* COGNITIVE DISSONANCE; and this personal experience thus served as my humble rebirth, to finally use my voice as a youth leader, and my skills as a writer, to inform more Filipinos about the propagated half-truths, lies, and atrocious crimes against humanity instigated, ordered, and perpetuated by the Cojuangco-Aquino clan.

After Cory Aquino became President, Assumption of Jurisdiction (AJ) orders have only served as license for the military and police to kill and maim farm workers and innocent natives such as the Lumads of Mindanao who protest against being treated as modern-day slaves.

AJ orders, on top of extrajudicial killings, and the incessant National Communist and Muslim Secessionist Insurgencies instigated by Ninoy Aquino himself in 1968, have resulted to tens of thousands of INNOCENT (and not so innocent) human lives lost per year, not properly accounted for and investigated—receiving ZERO justice—even in the past THREE DECADES under the Yellow Regime, which ironically claim, that they, the “Disente” Yellow Oligarchs, have heroically restored DEMOCRACY in the Philippines.

Since 2005, I have encountered so much deafening SILENCE from the majority blinded by their biases and/or subservience to the Cojuangco-Aquinos.

Like this brave young woman, I have attended regular university-wide mobilizations and top-level local and international conferences, only to be stared at with SILENCE when I start to cite data, ask difficult and offensive questions, and demand ACCOUNTABILITY from the Powers That Be.

In many occasions, I have been blocked from using the Q&A microphone to ask questions. Being a trained orator even as a child, I would then stand up on my chair and speak loudly for everyone to hear me even without a microphone.

I have been mocked in blind items, slandered, and laughed at. But I honestly don’t give a shit.💩I continue to speak up because that is what it bloody takes for our local communities and for humanity to collectively WAKE  UP. 👀🌏👀

The Healthy DISSENT of a genuine LOYAL OPPOSITION within a DEMOCRACY is not the same with DISLOYALTY, SEDITION and TREASON. 

So to those who had their grade-conscious noses stuck in between tons of academic books designed to INDOCTRINATE and not to EDUCATE, in the same period that I had chosen to begin exposing injustices from ground zero, you claim now, that by attacking President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PRRD) based on “news” and “facts” peddled to you by Cojuangco-Aquino-controlled #NarcoMedia, you have a monopoly of self-righteous indignation for human rights and human dignity violations; you think, suddenly, it is only YOU and your Yellow Echo Chamber buddies, who care about the Filipino people.

My question to you is this: 


Where were you then?! 

What’s up with all these muddled up “HUMAN RIGHTS” issues for CRIMINALS and DRUG LORDS that you are so viciously fighting for?

Because really now, be honest with yourself, you are not defending the human rights of the marginalized masses. You are simply, unwittingly or not, protecting the business interests of narco-funded oligarchs…

Or perhaps your own financial security as a narco-funded Liberal Party attackdog.  #LookAtMeJIM #LookAtMe #LabanLeni #LakadLeni #TakboLeni #LangoyLeni #TumblingLeni #KandiritLeni #SakaySaBusLeni #BigyanNgTsinelasSiLeni

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella –

Anent a report of Human Rights Watch (HRW) taking to task the government’s focused and decisive war on illegal drugs, we have these to say:

1. A war on criminality is not a war on humanity. On the contrary, it is a war precisely to protect humanity from a modern-day evil. To say otherwise is to undermine society’s legitimate desire to be free from fear and to pander to the interests of the criminals;

2. Planting “evidence” to justify police action is an allegation, nothing more. It must be substantiated by solid evidence, eyewitness account and sworn statement/affidavit. Recovered firearms from drug suspects are kept in custody and subsequently presented before legal proceedings. Authorities have noted that there are cases when recovered firearms were traced to have been used in other crimes; most of these are loose and/or unregistered.

In short, all these accusations of circumventing police procedures should be proven in a competent court and if found meritorious should result in appropriate sanctions against the perpetrators. Failing these, such claims are mere hearsay;

3. The observation that the Philippines is in the midst of a “human rights calamity” is thoughtless and irresponsible.

Is it a human rights calamity when more than 1.1 million drug pushers and addicts have voluntarily submitted themselves to authorities?

Is it a human rights calamity when rehabilitation centers are being constructed to treat drug dependents?

Is it a human rights calamity when the sheer scope and magnitude of an emerging narco state have been exposed?

4. The President is constitutionally immune from suit. But he has always been forthcoming with his fellow Filipinos to encourage constructive criticism, nay dissent, in the spirit of democracy and nation-building.

5. On a call by HRW for foreign governments to suspend assistance to the Philippines based on drug-related killings, we would advise special interest groups to do their homework more diligently before attempting to engage in propaganda.

President Duterte has won on a platform for genuine change and this will remain as his only agenda to serve the interest of the people.

The seemingly blind rage you think is coming from the masses when you attack PRRD comes from a place of emotional human beings who have suffered INJUSTICE far too long—for the past three decades—that if you do not phrase your questions with genuine interest to understand the masses before formulating your dissenting opinions, you are bound to get viciously attacked because these angry people feel you are taking away the ONE hope they are desperately latching on to, for real political change, at least within their lifetime.

For those of you hell-bent to oust PRRD, feel free to attack and destroy PRRD from where you are, based on your own convictions. The reality remains that as you contribute to such a cause from the comforts of your first-world existence (Western-based critics) or behind your fancy keyboards (elitist pseudo-intellectuals everywhere), you are actually helping reinstall the Cojuangco-Aquino oligarchy which this country took THIRTY YEARS to successfully remove from power by electing The Foul-mouthed Maverick with a Heart of Gold PRRD.

So believe me when I say: 

We, the NINETY-ONE PERCENT behind President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, we are willing to fight tooth and nail, and to die by the bullet to protect the President, to protect democracy, and to protect the will of the people.

We are one with the voice of the masses.

We may use Social Media as a weapon for DIPLOMACY today.

But if you dare cross us…

We will not fear a Bloody Revolution.

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