It is time… 

Dear PPRD: A Just Warto begin our collective journey to true and lasting peace in Philippinesmust now be waged. It is now time to form and declare the enforcement of a Revolutionary Government. 

#WeAreThe91Percent and we, the People, grant you REVOLUTIONARY POWERS, as Filipinos have done for Cory Aquino in 1986. 

We also demand that you, as our President and the Beloved Father of this Nation, be protected from both ouster plots and assassination. 

We NEED to secure your life and your phenomenal leadership to GUARANTEE a complete overhaul of our inherently corrupt political structure. 

This is WHY the People put you in power. There is no room for error, Mr. President. We are the NINETY-ONE PERCENT and we are 110% behind you. 

Sociopaths create rotten cultures, as have the #MAKAPILI Cojuangco-Aquinos and all their local and foreign financial backers. The Yellow Oligarchs have connivingly restored and perpetuated their lust for power by installing a political system in Philippines that enabled closed, arrogant, unaccountable “DISENTE” cultures to turn good Filipinos into sociopaths. In corrupt systems, the GENUINELY decent (anti-Yellow Regime) people have two options:

  1. CONFORM; or

This is what bad systems do: they remunerate the compliant with the oppressive tribal elite’s acceptance (“Done, for you Ninoy/Cory/P-Noy/Leni”) and dismiss COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE as negativity, calling the indignant masses “ignorant and violent.” 

They invert altruism, using the instincts of “decency” – working co-operatively, being “in this together”, upholding a communal ethic – to normalize sociopathic behaviour and make decency DESPICABLE.

Even good intentions and an increasing number of honest and patriotic citizens are ultimately useless in a Philippines controlled by the narco-funded and U.S. & Malaysia-backed Yellow Regime.

It is time to FORCIBLY REMOVE all TREASONOUS elements, and overhaul the Constitution, Mr. President.  

We are the MAJORITY. We support a REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT under your Administration. 🇵🇭👊

Signed and Shared, 

Drei Toledo 



Author: Boobs & Beyond

Lactating Ideas for the Greater Good

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