I am from Mindanao. I support Martial Law. 





By Drei-nerys Stormborn Tiger-yen of Mindanao, Queen of Tricycles, Mother of Dragons and a cat named Tesla

Today, as part of my personal journey towards proactively expressing my own freedom, I have decided to RECLAIM my favorite color as a child… The color of yummy sweet Philippine mangoes, the color of my favorite bananas, the shade of my favorite precious metal: YELLOW.

As a mocha cappuccino-skinned native of Mindanao, yellow gold looks good on me. Methinks one of the saddest things since 2009 was when I finally consciously STOPPED wearing and using yellow because I was DISGUSTED by the idea of being associated with the Liberal Party and the Cojuangco-Aquinos. Not that I’m complaining, I still look great in BLUE, WHITE, RED… or nothing. But I do miss the feeling yellow, as a simple color, gave me as a little kid: VIBRANT ENERGY and HAPPINESS.

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy. Yellow is often associated with food. And I LOVE food. Especially cheese. Yellow cheese. Mm mmm mmm mm mmmmm….

In Philippines, however, yellow has been used as a political color to symbolize support for the GREEDY, HYPOCRITICAL, MURDEROUS and TREASONOUS clan of the Cojuangco-Aquinos.

For majority of the Filipino people today, yellow subconsciously produces a “warming” effect, arousing RAGE, stimulating mental activity to incinerate the logical fallacies of YELLOW ZOMBIES, and generates muscle energy to punch walls and pillows when you have close friends and family who are still blind, dumb, or corrupt as f*(k to support the Cojuangco-Aquinos and their allies. (Oh, Hello There, dear frustrating Uncle and Aunts. 😂😝)

Yellow can quickly grab attention, but it can also be abrasive when overused. It can appear warm and bright, yet it can also lead to visual fatigue. In Philippines, I know a lot of people like me who have come to deeply LOATHE the mere sight of yellow, simply because we stand for TRUTH and JUSTICE.

A few of my closest friends and I were even offered a cute and bigger, more spacious room once, while we were on vacay here in Mindanao, and we all chose the smaller space (for the same price) simply because the bigger room had yellow walls. LOLOLOLOL 😂😝

Personally, I would merrily celebrate the day Cojuangco-Aquinos, their political allies, and all their cronies are thoroughly and mercilessly investigated and tried for TREASON, TERRORISM, CORRUPTION, and PLUNDER.

I still don’t think I have the heart to wear a yellow dress or shirt (for now), but I don’t mind driving this tricycle. 😂😝😘🇵🇭👊

Today, I would like to THANK all the selfless and brave soldiers here in Mindanao who work relentlessly hard to help keep me safe.

Because of you and all your immeasurable sacrifice, I am FREE to be a silly, funny, and drop dead gorgeous nomadic smart-ass, joyfully—albeit cautiously—traveling around my beloved #Mindanao. Because of you, I am FREE to meditate on trivial matters such as why I like or dislike YELLOW. ⚖️🇵🇭⚖️

I feel safest when I see the presence of armed soldiers. I freak out when I don’t see any military presence within a 10KM radius.

This is my reality as a beautiful native of #MindaNOW.

Mindanao is my home. I come from a family of selfless soldiers, teachers, farmers, and fishermen. We also have former rebels and ex-Communists in the clan.

The struggle is real, but I have more than 1,001 reasons to love Mindanao. I use my precious FREEDOM to help educate the International Community about my people, our history, our journey, and our collective evolution.

So to all the Manila-centric idiotic pseudo-intellectual fools, especially those from my alma mater (ze University of the Philippines, Diliman): #I_Support_Martial_Law. F🖕CK YOU. 😘

#NATIONALidentificationSystemPH #ConscriptionPH #RevolutionaryGovernmentNOW #RevGovNaDU30 #RepublicDefenders #Leadership #DU30
#EndPovertyByDesign #EndImpunity


No Justice, No Peace! 

We the NINETY-ONE PERCENT behind President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, we are willing to fight tooth and nail, and to die by the bullet to protect the President, to protect democracy, and to protect the will of the people. We are one with the voice of the masses. And we do not fear a Bloody Revolution. 


This fierce youth activist confronted P-Noy in an international forum at Columbia University.

The video of this protest at Columbia University spontaneously reduced me to tears.

WATCH: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1839731249599305&id=1828469524058811

I cried as I watched her confront the heartless and greedy haciendero P-Noy.

If you have eleven minutes to spare, let me tell you why…

Since 2003 I have been a staunch human dignity advocate. My family went through difficult times. We experienced an odd kind of sudden poverty due to my papa getting swindled. We had a considerably nice roof over our head but we had no money to eat more than once a day. It was the kind of poverty that, if my dad had owned a gun, he would have killed himself. (His words, not mine.) My mom, being a strong dragon matriarch, became an OFW for more than a decade. After about six years of incredible sacrifice, she wiped out our family’s massive debt, and had enough to retire with dignity back here in Philippines just about three years ago.

Knowing poverty and hunger firsthand, and all the unspeakable fire of tests my family and myself had to go through—are quite oddly—what I am most thankful to God for. 


To help provide for my family, I started working when I was 17 years old. I did not consider for one moment that my personal struggle for daily survival should stop me from eventually completing my education at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. But some semesters, I did skip school completely and worked full time. I was at the top of my batch in Journalism school, and I was fortunate to have a scholarship under the Philippine Daily Inquirer. My hectic schedule as a working student did not stop me from pursuing my passion for Investigative Journalism (a dangerous profession), organizing a university-based organization I co-founded called UP Prime Movers, holding international discussion circles in UP, volunteer-teaching in alternative education schools in Quezon City, climbing mountains, meeting tribes, communing with farmers, and holding an informal group therapy circle we humorously referred to as our Na Rape Ka Na Ba? circle. I either strongly felt that the lack of money was a lame excuse for me to not pursue my Life’s Purpose—fighting for TRUTH and JUSTICE in the many different ways we all can—or I was simply an overcompensating workaholic who didn’t want to get bored while I was hungry. LOLOLOLOL 😅😂🤣From grade school, I consistently excelled in essay competitions, writing editorials for the campus papers, and competing in regional and national press conferences. Having written among the best essays in school competitions with themes like “Ninoy Aquino, The Greatest Hero of Philippine Democracy” and “Cory Aquino, A Tribute to the Best President”, suffice it to say, I was quite the eloquent Yellow Zombie.

As a matter of fact, before working as a journalist, covering the Hacienda Luisita farmers in Tarlac, I grew up being a staunch supporter of the Cojuangco-Aquino clan, because based on all the history books published by their family, and all the news channels controlled by their family, they were the heroes, and I really believed that Cory Aquino was the “Saint of Democracy” in Philippines. 

So when I was assigned to cover Hacienda Luisita a year before the #HaciendaLuisitaMassacre in 2004, I could not accept as TRUTH, all the shocking new information I was getting from the farmers. Initially, and of course, naturally, I could not accept anything negative said or cited about Cory and Ninoy, my childhood heroes in Philippine leadership.

The more corroborating factual data (paper trail) and on-the-ground information (interviews) I got, crushing the premise of my own political beliefs and convictions, I found myself sinking into a mild form of intellectual depression.

When Jesus Laza, one of the Hacienda Luisita farm workers I was acquainted with, died after he was shot on the back of his leg and on his right chest while he was running away from the shooting, my depression turned into RAGE.

The cold-blooded massacre served by an AJ Order requested for and officially signed by BS “Noynoy” Cojuangco-Aquino III himself, who was then a Congressman, compelled me to finally deal with killing my *own* COGNITIVE DISSONANCE; and this personal experience thus served as my humble rebirth, to finally use my voice as a youth leader, and my skills as a writer, to inform more Filipinos about the propagated half-truths, lies, and atrocious crimes against humanity instigated, ordered, and perpetuated by the Cojuangco-Aquino clan.

After Cory Aquino became President, Assumption of Jurisdiction (AJ) orders have only served as license for the military and police to kill and maim farm workers and innocent natives such as the Lumads of Mindanao who protest against being treated as modern-day slaves.

AJ orders, on top of extrajudicial killings, and the incessant National Communist and Muslim Secessionist Insurgencies instigated by Ninoy Aquino himself in 1968, have resulted to tens of thousands of INNOCENT (and not so innocent) human lives lost per year, not properly accounted for and investigated—receiving ZERO justice—even in the past THREE DECADES under the Yellow Regime, which ironically claim, that they, the “Disente” Yellow Oligarchs, have heroically restored DEMOCRACY in the Philippines.

Since 2005, I have encountered so much deafening SILENCE from the majority blinded by their biases and/or subservience to the Cojuangco-Aquinos.

Like this brave young woman, I have attended regular university-wide mobilizations and top-level local and international conferences, only to be stared at with SILENCE when I start to cite data, ask difficult and offensive questions, and demand ACCOUNTABILITY from the Powers That Be.

In many occasions, I have been blocked from using the Q&A microphone to ask questions. Being a trained orator even as a child, I would then stand up on my chair and speak loudly for everyone to hear me even without a microphone.

I have been mocked in blind items, slandered, and laughed at. But I honestly don’t give a shit.💩I continue to speak up because that is what it bloody takes for our local communities and for humanity to collectively WAKE  UP. 👀🌏👀

The Healthy DISSENT of a genuine LOYAL OPPOSITION within a DEMOCRACY is not the same with DISLOYALTY, SEDITION and TREASON. 

So to those who had their grade-conscious noses stuck in between tons of academic books designed to INDOCTRINATE and not to EDUCATE, in the same period that I had chosen to begin exposing injustices from ground zero, you claim now, that by attacking President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PRRD) based on “news” and “facts” peddled to you by Cojuangco-Aquino-controlled #NarcoMedia, you have a monopoly of self-righteous indignation for human rights and human dignity violations; you think, suddenly, it is only YOU and your Yellow Echo Chamber buddies, who care about the Filipino people.

My question to you is this: 


Where were you then?! 

What’s up with all these muddled up “HUMAN RIGHTS” issues for CRIMINALS and DRUG LORDS that you are so viciously fighting for?

Because really now, be honest with yourself, you are not defending the human rights of the marginalized masses. You are simply, unwittingly or not, protecting the business interests of narco-funded oligarchs…

Or perhaps your own financial security as a narco-funded Liberal Party attackdog.  #LookAtMeJIM #LookAtMe #LabanLeni #LakadLeni #TakboLeni #LangoyLeni #TumblingLeni #KandiritLeni #SakaySaBusLeni #BigyanNgTsinelasSiLeni

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella –

Anent a report of Human Rights Watch (HRW) taking to task the government’s focused and decisive war on illegal drugs, we have these to say:

1. A war on criminality is not a war on humanity. On the contrary, it is a war precisely to protect humanity from a modern-day evil. To say otherwise is to undermine society’s legitimate desire to be free from fear and to pander to the interests of the criminals;

2. Planting “evidence” to justify police action is an allegation, nothing more. It must be substantiated by solid evidence, eyewitness account and sworn statement/affidavit. Recovered firearms from drug suspects are kept in custody and subsequently presented before legal proceedings. Authorities have noted that there are cases when recovered firearms were traced to have been used in other crimes; most of these are loose and/or unregistered.

In short, all these accusations of circumventing police procedures should be proven in a competent court and if found meritorious should result in appropriate sanctions against the perpetrators. Failing these, such claims are mere hearsay;

3. The observation that the Philippines is in the midst of a “human rights calamity” is thoughtless and irresponsible.

Is it a human rights calamity when more than 1.1 million drug pushers and addicts have voluntarily submitted themselves to authorities?

Is it a human rights calamity when rehabilitation centers are being constructed to treat drug dependents?

Is it a human rights calamity when the sheer scope and magnitude of an emerging narco state have been exposed?

4. The President is constitutionally immune from suit. But he has always been forthcoming with his fellow Filipinos to encourage constructive criticism, nay dissent, in the spirit of democracy and nation-building.

5. On a call by HRW for foreign governments to suspend assistance to the Philippines based on drug-related killings, we would advise special interest groups to do their homework more diligently before attempting to engage in propaganda.

President Duterte has won on a platform for genuine change and this will remain as his only agenda to serve the interest of the people.

The seemingly blind rage you think is coming from the masses when you attack PRRD comes from a place of emotional human beings who have suffered INJUSTICE far too long—for the past three decades—that if you do not phrase your questions with genuine interest to understand the masses before formulating your dissenting opinions, you are bound to get viciously attacked because these angry people feel you are taking away the ONE hope they are desperately latching on to, for real political change, at least within their lifetime.

For those of you hell-bent to oust PRRD, feel free to attack and destroy PRRD from where you are, based on your own convictions. The reality remains that as you contribute to such a cause from the comforts of your first-world existence (Western-based critics) or behind your fancy keyboards (elitist pseudo-intellectuals everywhere), you are actually helping reinstall the Cojuangco-Aquino oligarchy which this country took THIRTY YEARS to successfully remove from power by electing The Foul-mouthed Maverick with a Heart of Gold PRRD.

So believe me when I say: 

We, the NINETY-ONE PERCENT behind President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, we are willing to fight tooth and nail, and to die by the bullet to protect the President, to protect democracy, and to protect the will of the people.

We are one with the voice of the masses.

We may use Social Media as a weapon for DIPLOMACY today.

But if you dare cross us…

We will not fear a Bloody Revolution.

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It is time… 

Dear PPRD: A Just Warto begin our collective journey to true and lasting peace in Philippinesmust now be waged. It is now time to form and declare the enforcement of a Revolutionary Government. 

#WeAreThe91Percent and we, the People, grant you REVOLUTIONARY POWERS, as Filipinos have done for Cory Aquino in 1986. 

We also demand that you, as our President and the Beloved Father of this Nation, be protected from both ouster plots and assassination. 

We NEED to secure your life and your phenomenal leadership to GUARANTEE a complete overhaul of our inherently corrupt political structure. 

This is WHY the People put you in power. There is no room for error, Mr. President. We are the NINETY-ONE PERCENT and we are 110% behind you. 

Sociopaths create rotten cultures, as have the #MAKAPILI Cojuangco-Aquinos and all their local and foreign financial backers. The Yellow Oligarchs have connivingly restored and perpetuated their lust for power by installing a political system in Philippines that enabled closed, arrogant, unaccountable “DISENTE” cultures to turn good Filipinos into sociopaths. In corrupt systems, the GENUINELY decent (anti-Yellow Regime) people have two options:

  1. CONFORM; or

This is what bad systems do: they remunerate the compliant with the oppressive tribal elite’s acceptance (“Done, for you Ninoy/Cory/P-Noy/Leni”) and dismiss COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE as negativity, calling the indignant masses “ignorant and violent.” 

They invert altruism, using the instincts of “decency” – working co-operatively, being “in this together”, upholding a communal ethic – to normalize sociopathic behaviour and make decency DESPICABLE.

Even good intentions and an increasing number of honest and patriotic citizens are ultimately useless in a Philippines controlled by the narco-funded and U.S. & Malaysia-backed Yellow Regime.

It is time to FORCIBLY REMOVE all TREASONOUS elements, and overhaul the Constitution, Mr. President.  

We are the MAJORITY. We support a REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT under your Administration. 🇵🇭👊

Signed and Shared, 

Drei Toledo 




106,173 difference in a total of four hours. 👍👍👍 

Almost 77.5% voted for BBM 

– but as PDI defensively noted with 19 minutes left, *after* Leni DID NOT get all her commensurate # of ❤️s in this survey (if, indeed, she truly won), Inquirer.net “updated” their original caption, and emphasized that this “POLL is not a scientific survey…” 😂😂😂

So sino ba ang OBVIOUSLY *TUNAY* na VP? 




#ForTheMotherland 🇵🇭👊

I look forward to the hopefully landmark win of BBM in this electoral protest. Objectively speaking, it could serve as a much-needed precedent for LGU/Senatorial-level candidates (whose majority voters also got cheated) to finally know the TRUTH, and for JUSTICE to reign in our Motherland.
GET THIS: Drilon SECURED 18.6M votes. 

Tang-ama! Mas sikat pa sya kay PRRD??! The most beloved national leader in MODERN Philippine history?!! 

GARAPAL. 😡👊🇵🇭 


#GeeksForTheGreaterGood #EndPovertyByDesign #EndImpunity #Leadership #Justice #HumanDignity

What Happens When We Unbox Each Other? 

Let’s talk. Let’s share narratives. 

My dearest hope is for us Filipinos to collectively learn how to consciously #UNBOX one another based on political beliefs and partisan politics. My sincere prayer is that we can all learn to ENCOURAGE DISSENT, and ENGAGE IN PASSIONATE POLITICAL DISCOURSE without “unfriending” or blocking people who simply disagree with us; and on the extreme end, organizing something like #LeniLeaks to censor and discredit social media opinion makers. 

Watch this inspiring short video from #Denmark: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1395769393780632&id=127537673937150 

​In general, I feel fortunate that Philippines is one country with an open heart and an open mind. We see “outsiders” as family. We have a vibrant LGBTQIA community who are celebrated and respected as much as cisgender influencers. Of course, we have those occasional #IGNORANUS policymakers, #INTENSEFUL* homophobic relatives, and hypocritical religious leaders (some of whom are pedophiles) – but in general, we Filipinos protect those whom we love and those who bring us joy, so homophobia won’t get you far in this part of Asia. Furthermore, we welcome all refugees. And we have a track record of forgiving, idolizing, and unconditionally loving our most violent colonizers and oppressors. 

With that said, my dearest hope is for us Filipinos to collectively learn how to consciously #UNBOX one another based on political beliefs and partisan politics. My sincere prayer is that we can all learn to ENCOURAGE DISSENT, and ENGAGE IN PASSIONATE POLITICAL DISCOURSE without “unfriending” or blocking people who simply disagree with us; and on the extreme end, organizing something like #LeniLeaks to censor and discredit social media opinion makers. 

(Maliban na lang kung may slander at death threats involved, then ibang usapan na yan.)

The bane to our unstoppable progress as a nation is how we are so easily manipulated and divided into neat little boxes of “DISENTE” vs. “DDS”, “rich” vs. “poor”, “anti-Marcos” vs. “pro-Marcos”, “anti-Cojuangco-Aquino” vs. “pro-Cojuangco-Aquino”,  etc. etc. 

AS IF “peacefully” and *cough* subversively *cough* overthrowing a duly-elected government and replacing it with someone hand-picked by the Oligarch Puppets of Imperial America will lead to a more JUST and more PEACEFUL Philippines, RIGHT? 

And if you think I am DEAD WRONG, then engage me. SHOW YOUR FACE. Ask me QUESTIONS. Don’t retreat back into your beautiful “disente” box without inviting me in, or trying to join me where I am. I also used to believe Ninoy and Cory were heroes. Ask me more Why’s and How’s. 

Let’s talk. Let’s share narratives. 

We Filipinos have always been easy to divide and conquer, some say it is because we are an archipelago. 🌊🌊🇵🇭🚢🌋✈️⛵️🚤🇵🇭

We can either continue living within our divisive and asphyxiating boxes of ignorance and prejudice; or we can CHOOSE to change our fate, and UNITE as ONE nation, respecting democracy, and working together to help President Duterte succeed in realizing his mission and vision for a more peaceful, just, and prosperous Philippines (for ALL Filipinos). 🇵🇭👊

My intention is to encourage everyone to share insights and perspectives, to  look at what separates us, and help facilitate REAL CONVERSATIONS between people from different “boxes” or backgrounds. 

I’m sure we have more good things in common than you think.

Unless, of course, you are P-Noy, then I admonish you to stay inside your “disente” box. ❎📦❎ 


Love and Light, 



*Origin of the Rappler-invented word “INTENSEFUL” https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154885694171768&id=829431767

Investigate Mamasapano Massacre and the 40B BBL bribe to P-Noy 

President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte: No word or gesture can assuage the pain of the families of the slain policemen. Only justice will bring that. Only justice will do. 

President Noynoy Aquino III: Think not that the $750 MILLION or almost Php 40 BILLION bribe you received from Malaysia in exchange for the passage of the controversial Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) will go unpunished. 

You come from a family of Makapilis. How disappointing you could not carve your own path to self-determination and be anything but a treacherous snake!

You might think your infinite narco-funds and BBL-bribe money can buy you impunity, but your time will come. TRUTH and JUSTICE shall prevail. 

“Think not the deeds ye have committed have been blotted from My sight . . . All your doings hath My pen graven with open characters upon tablets of chrysolite.”  (Bahá’u’lláh, Hidden Words, Persian 63)

President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte: No word or gesture can assuage the pain of the families of the slain policemen. Only justice will bring that. Only justice will do. 

#JUSTICE delayed is justice denied. It has been TWO YEARS since the botched anti-terror operation launched to arrest a Malaysian bomb maker sheltered inside rebel territory in Maguindanao Province, which left 44 SAF commandos dead, even as, on the other side, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front acknowledged 14 fatalities, while at least two civilians also lost their lives.

Two months after the clash, the Senate inquiry led by Sen. Grace Poe finished its own investigation in aid of legislation and concluded that President Aquino was responsible for the operation that led to the deaths of the 44 commandos and 16 others.

See more at: GMA Network 


JAIL P-NOY, the MILF murderers,  and penalize all other responsible officials if they are also found guilty by the Supreme Court. 


January 25, 2015 #FALLEN44 #NEVERFORGET

“Think not the deeds ye have committed have been blotted from My sight . . . All your doings hath My pen graven with open characters upon tablets of chrysolite.”  (Bahá’u’lláh, Hidden Words, Persian 63)

President Noynoy Aquino III: Think not that the $750 MILLION or almost Php 40 BILLION bribe you received from Malaysia in exchange for the passage of the controversial Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) will go unpunished. 

Had you succeeded in your endeavor to pass BBL, Malaysia would have inevitably taken over Mindanao territories covered by the proposed BBL. 

Malaysia trusted you would successfully betray Philippines for money, like your father Ninoy Aquino did, having received unlimited funding to start CPP and MNLF (in partnership with Joma Sison and Nur Misuari) in exchange for Malaysia keeping Sabah. 

The Sabah territory is historically and legally an area and a territory to which we have, from the beginning of the 18th century, laid claim, and over which we as Philippines maintain dominion and sovereignty. 

You come from a family of Makapilis. How disappointing you could not carve your own path to self-determination and be anything but a treacherous snake!

You might think your infinite narco-funds and BBL-bribe money can buy you impunity, but your time will come, and TRUTH & JUSTICE shall prevail. Same goes for Mohagher Iqbal, Chair of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Peace Panel in the negotiations with the Philippine Government and Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC). 

Mohagher Iqbal is also the civil-military chief of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). During the early part of the Jan. 25, 2015 Mamasapano massacre, Iqbal strongly defended the MILF fighters who subjected to relentless fire the SAF teams deployed to apprehend international terrorist Marwan and his cohort, Filipino bomb maker abdul Basit Usman.

The Aquino Administration and the MILF must come clean on what really happened two years ago. The MILF must be interrogated to explain how and why exactly such long-wanted terrorists had taken sanctuary in what is supposedly their controlled territory—an area that not even the Armed Forces enters because its hands were bound by a cease-fire agreement that a peace agreement mandated, before the passage of the original version of BBL. 

Fortunately, for Philippines, the original version of BBL was “killed” by the 16th Congress. Its approval would have eventually lead to the proposed Bangsamoro region’s separation from the rest of the Philippines.

P-Noy and a few of his most trusted lackeys like Sen. Franklin Drilon ended up with despicably deeper pockets, and Malaysia “invested” US$750M without getting their desired results after funding P-Noy to bribe lawmakers to pass the proposed BBL. 

The MILF is also being urged to turn over those responsible for the carnage of government troops, and to return high-powered arms and sophisticated devices from the dead SAF men which the MILF seized.

MILF must surrender those responsible for the clashes because without this issue resolved, the possibility of those who killed those SAF commandos will eventually be exonerated and thus, even, become members of the Government, the very organization which they tried to destroy—if and when the revised (constitutional) version of BBL finally gets passed, in order to establish peace in Mindanao. 

#EndImpunity #NeverForget #FALLEN44

I am a Filipino 

This piece by Jovybev Aquino made me tear up, and reflect about my own family’s collective journey… 

Because of racism, bigotry, prejudice, and structural violence, 

I am a product of the Jewish and Chinese diasporas. 

Just when my Jewish and Chinese grandparents thought they had found a new home in the world-embracing Philippines…my father and mother had to eventually leave Philippines to secure our family financially. 

I, Drei Toledo, am a product of the Filipino diaspora. 

At one point, four of us in my nuclear family had to live and work in four different countries. Now, if you put the four of us together in one place longer than one month, World War 3 would break out. But we do love each other deeply from a safe distance. 

I bear invisible scars caused by families being broken down and torn apart. But my parents are a living example of imperfect human beings who did their best to be good parents. 

I returned to my homeland to serve #MindaNOW and Philippines as a whole. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to get all the opportunities I have to see the world, and to work with and learn from the world’s best global leaders, young and old alike, if it weren’t for the sacrifices of my mother and father. 

I don’t want to have children if my children have to go through what I went through… But then I realize that is a selfish and lame excuse remembering how much worse my grandparents and great grandparents had it:

Surviving the Spanish Inquisition which forced the entire Jewish community, some 200,000 people, to be inhumanely expelled from Spain 


Surviving the Taiping Rebellion which probably killed even more people than World War I 


Surviving the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, and the 65-mile Bataan Death March during World War II, a period which wiped out 1,057,000 people within PH territory 

Top 10 Countries Suffering The Most Casualties In World War II

…and despite all that, my ancestors carried on with lifeto live, to love, to give birth, and to raise little thinkers, artists, doers, and rebels to serve the Greater Good, and to value the virtue of sacrificemaking it possible for our generation to have a relatively better life than they did only 100 to 150 years ago. 

Now that President Duterte wants to welcome home the Filipinos who wish nothing else but to return to their homeland, to live with dignity, and to be reunited with their families, do not expect anything less than a JUST WAR waged by more than 85% of the Filipino people if any subversive group dares to remove our beloved President from power. 

The Liberal Party seems to think they can use the ILLUSION of peace to subjugate the masses. The time of the Yellow Regime is over. To those who are still sleeping, wake up. If you think you are already wide awake but you still see YELLOW, well: Remove your blinders of ignorance, hate and elitism.

Unite with us. Let us work together to create and implement parallel, alternative, and complementary solutions for the many challenges our country needs to urgently and collectively overcome. 

Be part of the solution. 

Or get the hell out of our way.

We stand UNITED. 

We will NOT kneel. 

We will NOT be divided. 




One Young World #Philippines #Leadership #EndPovertyByDesign #Justice #HumanDignity 

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